Workshop About US Visa at Pannasastra Universiy

The workshop that organized by US Embassy,

on November 15th, 2007 . At the Pannasastra University.

Open all questions that ralated to the US visa both

migration and immigration visa to live, work, travel,

and study in The United States.

Activities of participants 


Graduation Ceremony at NUM

Veasna and Sambath

Accounting Lecturer Neth Sovann and me.

Marketing Lecturer Oung Vanndalay and me.


Virak my former work mate at the company.

He graduated in field IT.

Vandeth and Sambath.

Outside the NUM campus. Before the event around 7:30 AM

H.E Iv Thong Rector of NUM 

H.E Sok An made a speech to graduated students

both MBA and BBA.

Inside the campus, they are waiting for

the delegations and presided by H.E Sok An.

Pre Activities Water Festival Coming


Night Market in Phnom Penh

The municiple of Phnom Penh

have organized the first night market in

Phnom Penh to promote Cambodian products 

 Especially One Province One Product.   

Painters are drawing thier customers.

Drinking water made in Cambodia


Fruits juice made by local enterprise

Support Khmer products to provide jobs

to Cambodian people.

Cambodia Palm wine

Souvenirs made by silver

Japanese team perform music and sing the song

to attract passengers near Night Market.

Donuts Khmer

Bilateral Ties Between United States and Cambodia

What Are Problems?

Predictors–  They help mold our future.

Reminders–  We are not self-sufficient. We need god and others to help.

Opportunities– They pull us out of rut and cause us to think creatively.

Blessings– They open up doors we usually don’t go through.

Lessons– Each new challenge will be our teacher.

Everywhere– No place or person is exclude from them.

Messages– They warn us about potential disaster.

Solvable– No problem is without a solution. 


Vietnames students and bank staff 

visited Cambodia on June 2005

Check out my Slide Show!

Bravo The Kingdom of Cambodia!



On the Occasion of the 54th Anniversary

of the Independence of

the Kingdom of Cambodia

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